duminică, 25 octombrie 2015


So let me tell you about the hurt kind. About the damaged kind. About the redeem-less kind.

Let me tell you about the kind of people I`ve met and even shared pieces of my life with.

I`ve met people who were awkwardly funny and had a disturbed sense of humor, people who have had a damaged childhood and faced family distress, people living dangerous, unhealthy lives, people who have made it out of immense trouble.

I have met people so emotionally damaged they couldn`t even tell who they were anymore.  I`ve met the strict, ethical and dedicated people. I`ve met some I would end up  looking up to, and people who I consider to be my kind.

I`ve met people with little education but the warmest and greatest hearts.

And I`ve met cold people driven by external gratitude and recognition. So void inside they needed others onto whom they projected their frustration, insecurities and from whom they expected output  which would then be used to try and fill the void.

I`ve met such detached and disregarding people that would actually stir jealousy. I have met people craving for affection-unable to give any themselves. I`ve met people feeding on hurt and pain caused on  others. I`ve met ridiculous, annoying people, have met vindictive and judgmental ones.

I have met t e probably some of the smartest and most lucrative people I could run into throughout my life.

I have given my share of real thoughts and feelings to each one of these people- finding myself to be (subjectively) the most sincere person I know.

We`re not perfect. No one is. We are restless pieces of energy making up the fantasy life we call this world.

I honestly believe there is nothing more ephemeral and frail than the energies we exchange with each-other.  Mark human interaction as the most special of all worldly functions.

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