duminică, 5 mai 2013

La Douleur Exquise

So this `Garbage` song, played into my headsets today randomly and it made me think about all the times that i felt these strong emotions and i`ve wished for anyone or someone in particular to be able to feel or perceive the exact same thing just like i was. "Just like me.."

And i still  feel sometimes like i need you and i want YOU to maybe wake up one morning and look at yourself, and see what i see when i wake up and look at myself in the morning. And think the exact same thing about yourself as i do; and feel the exact same thing that i feel, and think about what i`m thinking and miss precisely what i`m missing, and need the things and the people that i need everyday.

I don`t want you to be me-as i am, i want you to see yourself exactly as i see myself- with the same vulnerabilities, same fears, same hurt, same pain, same happiness, same drive, same feeling of lust, love, grief and mourning or silliness.

If everyone should be able at least once in their lifetime to experience what other people feel about themselves, maybe this world wouldn`t be so f-ed up and we wouldn`t come to  destroy one another as much..


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