sâmbătă, 7 decembrie 2013

Please help stop human rights being abused by companies and authorities in Romania!

Pungesti, Romania, a village under SIEGE after a violent intervention of Riot Police Forces, requested by CHEVRON
Call for International support – December, 2nd, 2013 / Addressed to The European Parliament, The European Commission, to The Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament and to all #humanrigts NGOs that can monitor and act NOW on this attack.
PLEASE HELPS US, AND SIGN PETITION HERE ! It is very important to us to make this an international  issue, as ecological consequences regarding this issue extend to all Europe; and humanity as well as democracy should always be protected. As Romanians from Pungesti village show us every day, the power belongs to the people, but with just a few it is hard to push oppressors away. So please consider reading this petition and signing it. Thank you. 

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