vineri, 26 aprilie 2013


 Oh the steep demands of the higher call, oh you  pawned off your word so the cars won’t stall.I burned my clothes and I gut my soul and pretend that I was never born. Ehhh ya!Oh my, oh my look at what you have done, split your head out on the floor like you’re the chosen one.
I give her my heart but she wanted no part so I sold it to antique store
  So I dug a hole four thousand miles down to the center of the earth where I will not be found. Memories of the moon saying see you soon, though I was always partial to the sun
 I was picked up by 2 men of the law they say, “We’re taking you downtown forget about your call.
Hells no place for a wandering face, go take it up with Beelzebub.You laughed as you pulled out the rug, was never really much in love.

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