duminică, 24 martie 2013

Vaya con Dios!

And for it has been so long since i`ve posted one in English.. Guess the mind chooses when it wants to express itself  in a language or another.
I feel like words keep pouring and are ready to spill out of the glass..

I`ve missed, for quite a while now, getting in touch with myself, learning who i am again and what my road was... I was trying so hard that i was actually keeping myself from getting my goal accomplished. And the day i just started to take it up with "baby steps" it all fell intro place without any apparent effort.
I don`t know exactly what it is, what the whole plan is, i guess the plan is just this simple: have fun with my life, since years are so quickly flying by, stripping us little by little of emotion, of happiness, of joy, of dear people, friends, family, pets, money and so on... I want to have much fun and enjoy the people i meet, the life i get to live, joke about everything and do stuff that make me feel happy and satisfied with myself and who i am.

And now that all's been said and done, baby
Now guess what I'm gonna do?
Now that it's all over, baby
I'm gonna find myself ...
Somebody new, yeah

I got caught up for a bit long of a time in what other people felt, what other people needed, meant with their words, said, did and i placed what i thought, what i felt, what i needed on a second base.. I`ve used so much of my energy fighting other people`s fights without any gain of mine, or  for my soul, without any peace of mind, without strength .
 Since that strategy didn`t seem to produce satisfactory outcomes for me, i`m finally changing the strategy!

So please stay tuned for a better, improved, different, joyful, happier, and funnier me! :)

*By the way i guess the title of the song which became the title of this post strikes a chunk of memory in your head, though there`s no use for it now! But it`s still a message! Enjoy it!

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